Solder Balls   Solder Balls Solder Balls with Thermosetting Plastic Cores

Ball Grid Array
Thermosetting plastic is used as photoresist for semiconductors. This plastic is further processed to include the characteristics required for BGA-CSP balls. These new solder balls consist of cores made of this plastic and the layers of copper and solder coated with sub-micron accuracy.

We have developed core plastic balls with micron accuracy,
which have high durability against compressive force,
keeping the intrinsic properties of thermosetting plastics,
such as heat-resistance, cold-resistance and chemical resistance.

Degree of True Sphericity over 99% Accuracy }1%
Available size: 300~800 m
Please contact us if you require a size less than 300 m.

Various solder materials for solder layers
including lead-free solder materials are available
according to your needs.
Solder layers whose main constituents such as
Ag-Cu, Sn- Zn or Sn-In, or Cu layers can be designed
according to your needs.

Heat resistance test at 270C
The ballsf dimensional change caused by solder reflow or repeated
exposure to heat and cold in ICs is small and generation of cracks is suppressed.
They have a long life under thermal expansion, water absorption and cold temperature.

It does not plastically deform under static or dynamic loads because plastics possesses elasticity.

Comparison with 300m balls with plain copper cores.

Low defect rate by inspecting all products.

We design products according to your specifications.
Please tell us your specifications.
Core Size
Cu layer thickness
Solder layer thickness, composition
Tolerance for finished size of solder balls
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